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Nahaboo and Campbell reach signficant agreement

Thursday 18th July 2013

Nahaboo and Campbell reach signficant agreement Story in brief:
Nahaboo and Campbell reach significant agreement as the club plans for Super League with new substantial investment
Nahaboo and Campbell reach significant agreement as the club plans for Super League with new substantial investment

Featherstone Rovers Fans will be elated to learn that Feisal Nahaboo has agreed to purchase a significant number of additional shares with funds being used to strengthen the playing squad for 2014. A good proportion of funds will be used to build a Centre of Excellence for leading young talent as Featherstone Rovers invests in its player assets with an intent to build a self-sustaining club for years to come.

Feisal Nahaboo said "I met with Mark Campbell, Craig Poskitt and John Bastian and it was clear early on in the meeting we all wanted the same thing. We believe we now have the strategy, plan and financial resource to compete with the top two or three clubs in the UK and preparations for a promotion push next season has started. It was agreed I would now become more involved to support all officials to channel their energies to make Featherstone Rovers a leading business with focus on strategy, commercials and financials. I believe we will need to make 'one or two tweaks' and ensure we have all the right people in place to ensure we have a leading youthful academy as well as scouting for the very best talent at sensible wages."

"In addition, I've suggested the club makes an announcement of two new Directors who are proven businessman and have worked closely with me and have experience and knowledge in building substantial multi-million pound profitable businesses. This means we will soon have a board packed with business acumen and strengthen our chances of success.

"I've contacted the RFL and informed them I plan to build Featherstone Rovers into a leading Super League club in the UK and they are aware the club is now being backed by a number of proven businessman. The club and sport needs investment and we will now assist the club to punch beyond its weight on all fronts. We expect the crowds to grow in hoards with our improved facilities especially when we can showcase our new stadia that Paul Coventry and his volunteers are doing such monumental work on.

"The clubs fortunes has turned for the better today and I will now dream of leading Featherstone Rovers to a Wembley Cup Final alongside Mark Campbell. I will now work with Craig Poskitt and Paul Taylor to bring in new sponsors. I expect new ground and stand sponsors as well as a number of corporates across the UK investing in the clubs push for promotion. In the meantime, expect player announcements as players are rewarded with multiple year contracts that will see them play Super League with Featherstone Rovers."

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