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Feisal Nahaboo looks forward to the new season

Friday 1st February 2013

Feisal Nahaboo looks forward to the new season Story in brief:
As the 2013 Championship season is now underway, following the announcement at the beginning earlier this month, it is a privilege to be finally on board with Featherstone Rovers.

It has been no secret that I have been flirting with the club for a couple of years. I first became involved in the club in October 2011 and proudly had PROBIZ added to the shirt in time for the final against Sheffield Eagles in the Championship Grand Final. I knew Featherstone Rovers was a special club when I returned back to the Big Fellas Stadium to celebrate long in to the night with directors, staff, players and other commercial partners at the club.

One of my most proudest moments was when I saw Featherstone Rovers beat local neighbours Castleford Tigers which was screened live on Sky Sports in the Challenge Cup and create history. It was amazing to witness and be part of. I stamped PROBIZ on both shirts. To see Featherstone Rovers run Wigan Warriors so close was inspirational to witness. On another day, Featherstone Rovers could have even won that game.

I am devoted to Featherstone Rovers and look forward to an exciting and hopefully successful 2013. I have purposely waited until the right time to announce my intentions for Featherstone Rovers. Almost every day, I meticulously prepare, plan and lobby for Featherstone Rovers to one day return to the top flight of our great sport. On entering Super League we will plan a budget that will match the top clubs in the division. We hope that a return to promotion and relegation will replace the licensing regime and should that be announced, I believe we will go up and stay up for years to come. We will do everything we can to win all lower league competitions and use the Challenge Cup to epitomise our ability to write David and Golliath stories. Featherstone provided romance back into the entire game last year and have won new friends as a result of the players bravery.

PROBIZ has 'thousands and thousands' of wealthy clients and some will begin to back Featherstone Rovers in sponsorship and commercial partnership and the club will be built on financial stability year in year out. One of my dreams is to walk out with our proud team at Wembley. I plan to win major titles but one step at a time.

People will always question my intention with Featherstone Rovers but it is a very simple reason. I'm a "nouveau fan" courtesy of my close involvement and I can help a small village now have a voice in world sport. Undoubtedly this is a massive challenge but one that I am fully committed to. I am determined to make this happen. We will punch beyond our weight like we have done throughout our illustrious history and we can plan for elite honours and I believe within five years we will be vying for the top trophies.

Through PROBIZ, I also sponsor Blackburn Rovers and will feature on the front of their shirt until at least the end of the 2012/2013 season. Not so long ago, Blackburn went from 'nowhere' to being one of the only five winners of the English Premier League with Manchester United, Arsenal, Chelsea, Manchester City. Fev can repeat this feat and indeed we will give it our best. If we don't achieve our ambitions we won't be far off.

I've told Daryl we must win the league comfortably this year and that he still has funds available to bring in players. He is aware we want ‘a squad with strength and depth' to ensure our players remain fresh for the business side of the season. Last year's potential treble which looked a more than a distinct possibility disappointingly ended with Stuart Dickens just lifting the League Leaders Shield. Whilst this was a fine achievement for the third successive season, Daryl is aware that Featherstone Rovers must do everything as a club to dominate rugby league outside of Super League. He has my total support, as does our new captain. I will be a proud man if Liam Finn 'lifts the treble' this year. A difficult task but WE CAN do this

I'm a proud man today and working with the board and supporters I think we can ensure that Featherstone Rovers will return to the top. Funds are available and a substantial sum will be invested to bring in some of the best players if we can get into Super League. I've made an attempt to bring in 'some world-class players' to Fev over the last two weeks but best players won't easily come into the Championship and salary caps hinders our growth and it is why we must get into Super League. The board will back me and I now need fans to stand firm behind each other and by our players.

We will achieve success for the legacy of Featherstone Rovers and all of the fans families who followed the club during the more difficult times will be rewarded.

We will endeavour strive to repeat the glories of 1967, 1973, 1977 and 1983 once again.

This game breathes good values, integrity, and it feels amazing to be part of this development.

Rome wasn't built in a day, but Rome was built and it still stands tall and firm. Fevolution will exist and Featherstone Rovers will stand tall and firm and compete with the greats. We have some great Clubs in Rugby League such as Wigan Warriors, Leeds Rhinos, Warrington Wolves, Hull FC and St Helens and I know we could soon compete with these teams. I have masses of respect for what they are achieving. The Warrington story is one of many amazing stories I've heard. I'm very close to Wigan Warriors and hope they continue to progress. Hull has an amazing mentality and have a strong squad to be envious about.

The stories at Leeds is breathtaking and I also envy their recent success which they totally deserve. As a nation we should back Leeds next month in the World Club Challenge, a tournament I once stamped with PROBIZ and would like to do again.

Mark Campbell, Craig Poskitt, Lee Crooks, Paul Taylor, the board and coaching team are a formidable force and have shown that for the last three years. We have now improved this team with a developing consortium that will back the coach and ensure we have the best playing squad possible within our resources.

The future is bright, the future will be blue and white.

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